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What's New:

 American 3D Printing brand TPU  just $47.95/kg! That's less than half  the price of Ninjaflex. Both 1.75 and  3mm. We were even able to build  with this on a Makerbot Rep 2  without any mods to the extruder!

 We also now have American 3D  Printing brand ASA (Acrylonitrile  Styrene Acrylate) is similar to ABS,  but is stiffer and is UV-resistant.  Same price as ABS, $35.95/kg.

 In addition to PLA and ABS, we now  have Makeshaper brand PETg for  only $35.95/kg, less than half the  price of Taulman T-Glase.

 We have the carbon fiber  reinforced HTPLA from Protopasta.  This stuff is REALLY rigid!

 Speaking of carbon fiber, we have  super-strong carbon fiber reinforced  nylon from Colorfabb.

 And speaking of Colorfabb, in  addition to their specialty brass,  bronze, and copper filaments, we  also have glow in the dark PLA!

 We are now officially Tiertime  resellers, and stock the new UP Mini  2! At only $599, it features a fully  enclosed build chamber, WiFi and a  color touch screen! This is an ideal  starter 3D printer for the student or  hobbiest. Come on in and check it  out today!

 American 3D Printing is now an  official Mcor reseller. Come see our  Iris full-color paper based 3D  printer!


 Ribbon cutting at our 2nd birthday  party open house on August 27  2015

Proud members of the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce since 2015.

Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce

 We have partnered with one of the  largest filament filament  manufacturers in the USA (yes  that's right, made-in-the-USA  quality!) to bring you our own  American 3D Printing branded  filament.

 It is MUCH higher quality than that  Chinese stuff you see everywhere,  yet we can bring this to you for only  $35.95/kg! We have PLA, TPU and  ABS in both 1.75 and 3mm, and  HIPS in 1.75mm and ASA in 3mm.  12 colors of ABS and  25 colors  (and  counting) of PLA.

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 3D Printing:
 $20/Hour + Material
 Show us your student ID and printing is 1/2  price!

 3D Scanning:
 Object < 8” tall x 8” wide $10
 Object > 8” tall x 8” wide < 3 ft $20
 Object > 3 ft up to 9 ft $50
 Person’s Head $15
 Whole Body $40

 Engineering, Design, Post Processing, Consultation and  Training:

 Material : Varies, see latest list

 American 3D Printing 3mm 3 colors 

 New! ASA 3mm Black  

 American 3D Printing 1.75 & 3mm 25 colors
 Makerbot 1.75mm 30 Colors
 Type A Machines 1.75mm 7 Colors
 Makeshaper 1.75 & 3mm 12 Colors
 Push Plastic 1.75 & 3mm 41Colors
 Colorfabb 1.75 & 3mm Glowfill

 Taulman Nylon 618 1.75mm & 3mm
 Taulman Nylon 645 1.75mm & 3mm
 Taulman Bridge Nylon 1.75 mm & 3mm
 Taulman FDA Nylon 680 1.75 & 3mm
 Taulman Alloy 910 1.75 & 3mm
 Taulman PCTPE 1.75 & 3mm
 Taulman T-Glase PET 1.75mm & 3mm 6 Colors
 Taulman T-Lyne PE 1.75 & 3mm,
 Taulman 645, 910 & Bridge now in BLACK
 Taulman SAC1060 support material

 High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) 1.75mm

 American 3D Printing 1.75 & 3mm 8 Colors
 Makeshaper 1.75 & 3mm 4 Colors
 Push Plastic 1.75 & 3mm 14 Colors

 Laybrick 3mm Natural

 TPU 1.75 & 3mm 7 Colors

 PVA 1.75mm Natural

 Aquatek 3mm Natural

 Protopasta Stainless Steel 1.75 & 3mm Natural

 Colorfabb Copper 1.75 & 3mm Natural

 Colorfabb Bronze 1.75 & 3mm Natural

 Colorfabb Brass 1.75 & 3mm Natural

 Carbon Fiber Polyamide 1.75 & 3mm Black

 Equipment - In Stock, take one home today!:

 Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse $2,950 

 Sense 3D Scanners $499

 Makerbot Replicator+ $2,099

 Makerbot Replicator 2 $2,199

 Lulzbot TAZ Pro $4,950

 Tiertime UP Mini 2 $599

 Lulzbot Mini 2 $1,500

 Ask about our education discounts!

Blowout Prices on Used Equipment!

1/2 Price from list!

 Z-Morph Personal Fabricator $999



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