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New Video 12/30/14

 You can't get Replicator 2s from  Makerbot any more, but we have  them in stock for immediate  delivery!

 You can't buy 1kg spools of PLA  from Makerbot any more, but we  have 26 colors in stock for  immediate delivery! 

 WOW! We now have 70 different  SKUs of filament in stock!

 In the News:

 Mountain Connection

 Canyon Courier

 Denver Post

 PRICE DROPS!!! New, lower prices
 on Makerbot filament!
 See the full list.


 3D Printing:
 $20/Hour on the Makerbots + Material

 $15/Hour on the Type A Machines + Material
 $20/Hour on the Lulzbots + Material

 $20/Hour on the ZMorphs + Material
 Show us your student ID and printing is 1/2 price!

 3D Scanning:
 Object < 8” tall x 8” wide $10
 Object > 8” tall x 8” wide < 3 ft $20
 Object > 3 ft up to 9 ft $50
 Person’s Head $15
 Whole Body $40

 Engineering, Design, Consultation and Training:

 Material : Varies, see latest list

 Filament Central 3mm 2 Colors

 Makerbot 1.75mm 26 Colors
 Type A Machines 1.75mm 7 Colors
 Filament Central 1.75mm & 3mm 17 Colors

 Lulzbot 3mm 2 Colors

 Taulman Nylon 618 1.75mm & 3mm
 Taulman Nylon 645 1.75mm & 3mm
 Taulman Bridge Nylon 1.75 mm & 3mm

 Taulman T-Glase 1.75mm & 3mm 5 Colors

 High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) 3mm

 Laywoo-D3 3mm

 Laybrick 3mm

 Ninjaflex 3mm 2 Colors

 PVA 3mm Natural

 Equipment - In Stock, take one home today!:

 Sense 3D Scanners $399

 Makerbot Replicator 2 $2,199

 Type A Machines Series 1 was $1,695 now on sale $1,395!

 Lulzbot TAZ $2,195

 Z-Morph $2,259

 Makerbot Digitizer $1,400 now on sale $799!



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